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3 Points You Need to Know About Temporary Fence Rental

When you want rent temporary fencing in Hialeah, there are five details that are useful to know during the order process to make the experience an easier one for you. Knowing this information will help prevent you from feeling overwhelmed as you order the products.

1. There is Not One “Best” Type of Fencing

Many people assume there is one type of fence that is better than the others. However, this is not true in the fencing industry. Instead, the “best” one depends on the need you require it to fulfill at your desired location. While one type of material may be excellent at fulfilling its crowd control purpose for one site, it may not make sense to have it at a construction site.

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Instead, we suggest you explain to the rental company what purpose you need a fence to fulfill and then ask for the most suitable option for your unique site. If the staff are experts in the specialized field, as we are at Top Notch Temporary Fences in Hialeah, FL, you will get an answer that sets you at ease. In this case, when you call us at 754-205-3145, we will explain why that particular material is best. We will also suggest what height of panels to use. That makes your ordering experience a positive one.

2. Use A Full-Service Rental Company


Trust in a full-service rental organization, which we are at Top Notch Temporary Fences. Unlike some competitors, we do not simply drop off the fencing for you to figure out how to remove it later. Instead, we take pride in catering to your needs. We deliver the fences on the pre-arranged date and are known for our punctuality. Once at the site, we install the fences securely and as per any local regulations.

Then, when you no longer require the fence, we will take it down and remove it from your entire perimeter for you. That makes for a safe, efficient process that saves you any headaches. Our professional crew is approachable and highly receptive to any feedback or questions you have for us. We consider your satisfaction to be of the utmost importance to us and, therefore, we will meet any special arrangements you may require.

3. Factors That Affect the Costs of Renting Fences

To ease your process of ordering fences, here are a few factors that will affect the price you pay for a rental. One factor is how long you have a fence for; if you rent it for several months at a housing site, it will likely be more expensive than for a one-day event.

Another factor is the type of material you use. There are a range of metal and wire options available, depending on why you require the temp fence. Some types cost more per panel than do others, and there are galvanized finishes to keep away rust. As well, the amount of feet you require (computed into the amount of panels you need) at your site will affect the costs. A smaller space may cost less than a larger one, although, again, it depends on the materials used for the fence.

For additional inquiries about temporary fences, or to book your free no-obligation price quote with Top Notch Temporary Fences in Florida, call us at 754-205-3145 today.

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