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Why Choose Us?

Durable, Dependable Fences

The fencing materials we use are reliable and durable, so that you can depend on them every day they are at your site. Our expert team installs them correctly, according to local regulations, and skill built up over ten years in the industry. Only the finest materials are available for our fences, whether it is metal, wire or another type of fence that we use for your location. We provide you with enough fence panels to fit your entire perimeter and set them up for the purpose you need them, such as for security purposes. Our fences always fulfill the purpose for which you order them. We also inspect all materials before they leave our storage area to make sure they meet our company’s high standards.


Reliable Delivery

Fencing Will Arrive On Time

When you use Temporary Fences in Country Club, FL, your fencing will arrive on time to your site. We make sure, when you book your order with us that we arrange a day and time to deliver the fencing to your location of choice. We deliver all of the fence panels that will be necessary to fill the entire site perimeter, including vehicle or pedestrian gates. We deliver on time and provide correct installation, to ensure you get the materials in time for your special event, construction project or another reason for needing the fence temporarily.


Affordable Prices

Competitive rates

With the lowest rates in Country Club for temporary fences, make us your go-to provider. We keep our prices affordable because we know that fencing costs are not always something you put in the budget when you planned out a project. It is necessary though for security, crowd control or privacy reasons, and, therefore, is another cost for you. By keeping our rates low, Top Notch Temporary Fences in Country Club continues to be able to help individuals and companies of a range of sizes to stay within their budgets. We look forward to working with you too! Just call us at 754-205-3145 to find out more about our fences for temporary use or to get a free price quote.

If you want to receive a price quote, arrange a temporary fences rent, or want answers to your questions, give us a call now at 754-205-3145

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Are you in need of temporary fencing?

Are you searching for a temporary fence rental that is unmatched in its customer service and quality of its products? Then you have come to the right place. Welcome to Top Notch Temporary Fences in Country Club, where we want you to get exactly the right fencing solution for your site. We have on-time delivery, correct installation and efficient dismantling when you no longer require it there. We are easy to reach at 754-205-3145.

If you live in Country Club, then we are happy to help you by providing you with the appropriate fencing solution for you at your unique site. Whether you require the fence for a few hours or many months, we have flexible options to meet your needs. We help simplify the process for you when it likely seems overwhelming by offering you these simple tips for renting your next fence.

How to Rent a Fence

To start, ensure you collect all of the information you will need when your phone the rental company for a price quote. If you are not sure what details you need, call us at 754-205-3145 and one of our friendly staff members will assist you.

Next, brainstorm what questions to ask the rental company when you order the fence, so that you can get the most precise price quote possible.

Lastly, determine where you want to put a fence and clear the area of any materials to make certain your property will not risk damage during the installation.

Tips for How to Get an Accurate Price Quote

Here is a basic guide for how to accurately get a price quote for your temporary fence rental. At Top Notch Temporary Fences, we provide a free quote for you.


Start the process by collecting the information we will need you to provide us so that we can properly deliver the correct fencing solution for your needs. Firstly, ensure you can describe to use why you require the fence; that helps us determine what materials are best to use. We offer a range of fence types, including chain link and metal.

As well, tell us what type of landscape the site has as some fences are no-drilling types while others require drilling into the ground. For a fence that meets all weather conditions, we also suggest you get one with a galvanized finish to help prevent rust.

When you call at 754-205-3145 for an accurate price quote, our staff are friendly and happy to answer any questions you may have. Our costs are always clear, and we do not have any hidden fees. We understand that surprise costs are not fun and so we avoid that for you.

Other Information to Provide the Rental Company

When we draft the price quote for you, it is helpful if you give us these details, as well.

Measure the length of the perimeter of the site where you want the fence erected. As most fence rental companies use meters, we suggest you use that as type of measurement. Also, consider how high you want the fence to be. Common heights are 4’, 6’ and 8’. If you want to keep people from climbing over the fence or block visibility from outside the site, a higher fence is likely best for you.


In addition, determine what length of time you need a fence. Be clear when you call the rental company about when you require pickup of the fencing as some companies charge you fees for keeping the fence longer than originally stated. Avoid this unnecessary penalty by arranging for pickup during your current bill cycle.

To get more information about temporary fences or get your free price quote, call us at 754-205-3145. We look forward to helping you by providing you with the quality fencing solution for your unique site that meets your needs. Trust in Top Notch Temporary Fences and give us a call today.

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