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Basic Guide to Common Temporary Fencing Terms

Are you familiar with common words used in the temporary fence rental process? Here is a basic guide to the terms that the industry professionals use, so you can easily interact with us at Top Notch Temporary Fences in Hialeah, Florida when you rent your next fence.

Fence Fittings


This is a catch-all phrase used for the hardware, fixings and other parts used to build a fence that you rent. Examples for a chain link fence are tension bars and truss rods.

Standard Fence

A fence is “standard” if it is a panel with a square top. It is the type that is regularly used.

Chain Link Fabric

This is one of the most common types of fences in Hialeah. It features a woven wire mesh that is diamond shaped. It is popular as the rolls can easily be linked together to create a seamless fence. There is a range of heights and coatings available when you call us at 754-205-3145.

Dome Caps

These caps are often used on gate posts of chain link fences. Their purpose is to keep water out of the pipe. They are made of steel and aluminum, and they come in a range of sizes. Alternatives are acorn caps and one-way bullet caps.

Heavy-Duty Panel

A heavy-duty panel is stronger than a regular panel and very heavy, so it is extremely stable. It comes in either a square or round top version.


A mesh fence that has very small gaps in it is an anti-climb variety. If there is a risk of people climbing over a fence to get into the site, this product is often ideal in Florida.


This is an add-on for fence panels. Windscreens cover the fencing at locations where wind or debris are a concern.


Fencing that is temporary and does not require it be drilled into the ground is called a “no-drill” type. At Top Notch Temporary Fences, we can install the free-standing panels easily and quickly.

Top Pins

Fence panels are significantly stronger when they have top pins. The stabilizing pins, as they are also known, help secure the fence in place and keep the site safe.


A galvanized finish on a steel fence is one that is designed to help prevent the occurrence of rust. The finish contains zinc and makes the fence safe in all types of weather.

These are the most common terms you will come across when renting temporary fences. Whether you require the fence for a short time or a longer period, knowing the vocabulary will help you understand the rental process. You will be confident in the product you obtain.

At Top Notch Temporary Fences in Hialeah, we are happy to provide you with all of the information you require during the rental process when you call 754-205-3145 to speak with our friendly staff members today. We use only high-quality materials and understand how to streamline the ordering process for you. Ask us about getting a free quote, as well!

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